This resource is designed to help you engage in your leadership development through bite-size learning and to customise your learning experiences according to your interests and needs. Each of the 23 Things puts you at the centre, helping you to interpret your leadership and learning in your role, experience and work environment.

Scottish Government has started to deliver an online programme of continuous professional learning that is free to everyone working in early learning and childcare.

This app is designed to help and support you to undertake the Modern Apprenticeships in Social Services Children and Young People (CYP). Core skills contribute to employability and are a component of Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland.

This resource is an easy reference for information, including Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC), Wellbeing Indicators (SHANARRI), Building the Ambition and How good is our early learning and childcare?. It has important aspects of the national guidance and a mix of essential reference material, information and real world activities, to support your practice.

Scottish Government's national induction resource for people joining the early learning and childcare workforce sets out how you can expect your employer to support you in your new role and includes links to the range of national resources which are available to support you.