• Introduction

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    Digital learning approaches are often suggested as possible solutions to the challenges of limited resources and reducing budgets. However, it isn’t as simple as replacing face-to-face learning with online modules. There are a wide range of issues to think about to support this learning if we want to be sure it is effective.

    These interactive self-assessment cards will support conversations about how you support digital learning in your organisation and help you develop an action plan to improve your support for digital learning.

    • Self-assessment questions

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      As someone who works with learners or who enables digital change, you know that conversations between key people in organisations are critical to making things happen. The topics covered by the cards are below.

      • How do we prepare staff to learn in digital settings?
      • How do we give learners a sense of belonging to the (digital) organisation?
      • How good is the access we offer to hardware and networks?
      • How good is the access we offer to software and services?
      • How effective is our guidance and support for learners' use of digital technologies?
      • How are we supporting learners to use their own devices and services?
      • How are we embedding digital experiences into learning programmes?
      • How are we building the digital capabilities of learner-facing staff?
      • How are we preparing learners for digital workplaces?
      • How do we ensure an inclusive learning experience with technology?
      • How do we find out more about learners’ digital experiences and expectations?
      • How do we engage learners in developing the digital environment?
      • How well are we approaching these issues at the strategic level?

      • Using the cards

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        The cards could be used as a checklist (ie how are we doing here?) or a planning tool (eg what should we prioritise next?) but they are not designed for comparison with other organisations: they are designed to help you think about what is happening and what could happen in your own organisation. For example, you could discuss this with colleagues informally or, arrange for representatives from departments/services across the organisation to get together to use the cards as a self-evaluation framework.

        The Supporting digital learning cards were developed as an outcome of the JISC Digital Student project. You can find out about the project and explore other resources on the Digital Student website. When you use the cards, you can be confident the questions have been tested and the ideas tried in practice. We edited and adapted them for use in social service organisations.

        You can print the cards and use them in meetings, or you can work with them on your computer or tablet using the free Acrobat reader application. You can download Acrobat Reader from these links:

        Acrobat for iPad / Acrobat for Android / Acrobat for PC/Mac

        Use the links below to download the complete set of cards in .ZIP format, or download each card individually.

      • Support

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        The SSSC Digital Learning team is also available to support your use of these cards and is happy to work with you through the self-assessment process. If you would like to take up this free offer of support, please email us at sssclearningtech@sssc.uk.com.