• Introduction

    Not published to students

    Many social service employers find recruiting and retaining workers with strong social care values a challenge. This can have an impact on support for people using social services so we have developed this toolkit to help employers and workers understand and adopt values-based approaches to recruitment.

    Here you will find resources to help employers embed values-based approaches to recruitment and retention. We asked employers what would help them and have included their suggestions.

    We have also included resources to help workers and potential workers. This should help them to understand what social care values are and the expectations that employers are likely to have. This may help workers decide if they are the right fit for the roles they are applying for.

    Many of the resources have been adapted from ones developed by Skills for Care in England and we are grateful for their permission to adapt these for Scotland. Some resources also include the Common Core of skills, knowledge and values. The Common Core outlines the attributes that everyone working in the social service sector should have. You can find out more about the Common Core here.

    We have included different types of resources including videos and PDF documents that you can download and print, if required. We have also included links to resources from other organisations that you may find useful.

    Please note that all the resources are only for guidance and if your organisation already has a values-based approach to recruitment then you do not need to change it or incorporate the tools in this toolkit.