• Introduction

    Not published to students

    The aim of this resource is to provide an introduction to the process of developing learning plans and give you a framework to structure your planning activities. It has been written in a generic style so that it is suitable for all social service providers no matter numbers of staff or type of employer.

    Planning how to develop your workforce is not a new activity or area of work. It is something that managers and others have always been engaged in to varying degrees. It has fairly obvious links with change management and can be viewed being concerned with ensuring that, to use a now well known phrase, “you have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time”.

    To provide a starting point for you in this process, we have included a format for encouraging individuals to identify the learning needs and a format to support managers in collating individual learning needs and prioritising them. To assist both employees and managers, we have included the Continuous Learning Framework’s Personal Capabilities, the CLF material on “Planning for Learning” and the full range of Skills Sets (for staff who may be undertaking and SVQ). The Skills Sets include links to the full SVQ units, but it it should be noted that these require an internet connection to work.