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    This online tool is a learning resource for professionals. It's an awareness-raising resource and serves as an introduction to domestic abuse and coercive control. The tool provides an overview of the main considerations when responding to domestic abuse, however it does not replace specialist domestic abuse training.

    The tool builds on the DA Matters Scotland programme developed for Police Scotland in collaboration with partners ASSIST, the Caledonian System, Sacro and Scottish Borders Safer Communities team as part of the implementation of the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act.  It explores:

    • The definition and prevalence of domestic abuse
    • The Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018
    • General awareness and identification of domestic abuse, including coercive control
    • Safe responses and referral pathways
    The resource reflects real experiences of women, children, men, LGBT people and the BME community. It also includes case studies that show tactics perpetrators use to manipulate victims and responders, as well as the impact of domestic abuse and coercive control on the whole family. 

    Access the resource at the link below.


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