• Introduction

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    This smartphone app uses 360° video to let you experience what it is like to receive care and support from people who need to get physically close to you to do this. We have used different scenarios to give you experiences from a range of services so you can choose the one that you currently work in or try scenarios from other services to see what it feels like for people receiving support from them.

    If you do not currently work in a care role but are considering this, you may find these scenarios particularly helpful.

    Please note: To get the most out of these experiences, we recommend you put your smartphone in a passive viewer (headset) and use earphones connected to your phone. You should be able to buy a passive viewer for a few pounds. You do not need to use a powered VR headset like Oculus Quest for this resource.

    If you do not have access to a headset you can turn off the VR setting within the app.

    • The scenarios

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      When you open the smartphone app, you will be able to choose from the following service areas:

      • Older adults
      • Pre-5
      • Visual impairment
      • Physical disability

      Image from the BeMe smartphone app that enables learners to choose the service area of the scenarios they want to watch.Each service area contains two scenarios that you can watch, except the Pre-5 service area which currently only has one. These depict common situations that occur for workers in these services to enable you to experience what it is like to be the person receiving the support and care.

      There is no limit on the number of times that you can watch these videos so we would encourage you to watch them as many times as you want. We would also encourage you to make some notes about anything that you noticed as soon as you can after watching them. This may help you to reflect on your experience when providing evidence for the Open Badges linked to this resource. 

      • Downloading the App

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        The BeMe 360° video smartphone app is available for Apple and Android devices. Please use the link below that relates to your device, which will take you directly to its page in the store for your device.

      • Open Badges

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        You are able to apply for an Open Badge for each of the categories in the smartphone app. These will enable you to show what you have learned from watching the videos and share this with others like your supervisor, colleagues and even potential employers.

        To gain each badge, you will need to tell us about your experience of watching the videos and how you will apply any learning to your own practice. The full criteria that you must meet for a badge is on the badge page. 

        Please note: To be awarded a badge, your application must meet all the criteria, so please make sure you have covered everything you need to do before applying.

        Here are the open badges with their links.

        BeMe Older Adults Open Badge Logo 

        Older Adults

        Pre 5

         Visual Impairment

        Physical Disability

        • BeMe: Online

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          BeMe Online is a web-based experience that will enable you to try most of the features for the BeMe app, but on your computer.

          Click the link below to experience BeMe Online, you can toggle the use of VR or not.

          There is also specific link for BeMe to be used if you are using Safari as your browser. Please note this version is not compatible with VR.