• Introduction

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    In times of transitions and change it can be easy to focus on tasks and processes. Sometimes we can forget about how this can affect the individual and the people around them.

    This also includes work relationships which may have been formed over a long period of time.

    In this resource you will follow the story of Irene Wilson. Irene is living with a diagnosis of dementia and due to changing needs, is moving from her own home to a care home.

    These short episodes capture important moments in her journey and how they impact on those around her. Please remember this is only Irene's journey and everyone will experience things differently.

    Please note that all people, places, services etc referred to in this resource are entirely fictional and the product of the imaginations of the authors and subject matter experts. Any similarity to people/places/services you know is entirely accidental.

    Content warning:
    In discussing the topic of dementia, this resource may raise issues that you may find emotional or upsetting, particularly if you and your family have experience of this. Before clicking through, you may want to ensure you are in a comfortable, private and safe space. 
    If you need to talk to someone about this, you can contact the Alzheimer Scotland 24 Hour Dementia Helpline on 0808 808 3000.

    'The Lady in Room 4' - Trailer

    • How to use this resource

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      There are four episodes of 'The Lady in Room 4'.

      Following each episode you will also have an opportunity to hear from the people supporting Irene during this time. Watch the video to find out their thoughts and feelings of the situation as it happens.

      After you have watched each episode you will have an opportunity to complete a reflective learning activity. 

      You will find a space to provide your reflective account after each video. You will then be able to download and keep this once you have finished. Please hold on to each of these as you will be able to apply for the corresponding Open Badge and you will be asked to provide your reflections on each episode.

      If you use the MyLearning app you may also wish to make a learning log to record your learning, you can attach a copy of your notes to the log and record how long you spent on this.

      Scan the QR code below using your MyLearning app to quickly create a log which you can add your reflections to.

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      • 'The Lady in Room 4'

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        We recommend watching all episodes in order for the best experience.

      • Open Badge

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        You can apply for an Open Badge which provides recognition of your learning from viewing all episodes of 'The Lady in Room 4' and completing the associated learning activities.

        To be awarded the badge, you will need to submit answers to questions relating to your experience.  The aim of the these videos is to help you to develop your understanding of how change can affect people using services and those around them.  The full criteria that you must meet for a badge is on the badge page

        Please note: To be awarded a badge, your application must meet all the criteria, so please make sure you have covered everything you need to do before applying.

        Click here - 'The Lady in Room 4' Open Badge

        The Lady in Room 4 Open Badge

        • Acknowledgments

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          The SSSC would like to thank the following for their assistance in the development of this learning resource.

          Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership - Jill Scoular, Karen Magennis, Mary Sabatini, Jayne Fletcher, Robert Murray and Janice Young.

          Manager Catherine Gray and all staff at Meadowburn Care Home.

          All actors involved in the production.

          Thank you